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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the trending marketing strategy for people to get aware about your products or Services.

But What exactly it mean? This blog will give you idea about what is Digital marketing, Why should you do Digital Marketing, Benefits and Return on investment from digital marketing.

Digital Marketing as the name itself suggest to advertise your products or services through the digital platforms such as Social Media, Websites, Google ads, Emails etc. Digital presence is very important now-a-days. Digital Presence means you are giving your business idea from your website or having social media page for your business. For Example: If you want to know electronics shop near you what you basically do? You will type on google Electronics shop near me or Electronics Shop in particular area. Your presence on digital platform increases your targeted customer reach.

Why to do Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing increases awareness of your brand and also increase your customer number. Now-a -days social media and online platforms have better reach to the people. By statistical Fact, In 2020,there are 3.81 billion people in the world who are actively using social media and this is an increase of 9.2% year-on year from 3.48 billion people in 2019. So, Now you can understand the importance of having your products or service online presence.

Marketing is defined as to send right message to right people on right time.

You should also take care of where people are spending there time that is on internet. So , How internet can help you?

You must have your website where people can reach you and learn about your product and services. Content that you write on your website is also a key factor to attract your customer. Keywords that you used on your website is another important factor that you should take care of. Your Content should give clear idea of your product and services to the people you reach. If you have done it beautifully then it will definitely impress the people and attract more traffic to your website.

Word of mouth marketing is the best channel of marketing ever.”

Digital marketing basically helps customer to know your business and if your product or services best fits for them and they get clear about that it fulfill their needs. Then they will take interest and go for further research. After Researching, they are satisfied by your products reviews and content they will take further action.

In Olden days, it was not possible to get one-to-one reach as marketing is done manually. There was TV advertisement or Newspaper advertisement but people can not measure about how many people get aware or have interest in their product. So this advertisement was not that much effective and helpful. But Now it has become very easy due to digital marketing concept. You will get to know about the reach of advertisement to the people by Google Analytics tools. If people are interested in the product they will go for further actions and that will help to reach the targeted people for product and also help to convert targeted people to life time customer. This is the magic of Digital Marketing.

What are the benefits of Digital Marketing?

  • The main Advantage of Digital marketing is to reach the targeted customer in a cost effective and measurable way.
  • Increase Brand Loyalty and increase online sales.
  • Due to your online presence , you can reach the people all around the world and also find new market with small investment.
  • You can have your customers personalized database. More and more products your customer buys it will update in your database and help you to suggest more relevant product to your customer.
  • It will help you to get more customer for your product.
  • You can reach your customer frequently and ask them their feedback about your products and services . You can ask them to write review on your website.

Return of Investment

Digital marketing is the cost effective Strategy. You do not have to do large investment to reach people across the globe. In beginning, you have to invest for attracting traffic to your website or for getting people aware about your online presence. Once your website gets more and more traffic then you can invest on your SEO ranking. Once you are good with your SEO ranking then you definitely get returns of your investment. Your will get more and more Customers for your product. And If your quality and services are good they will be your customer for lifetime.

So, this is all about basic idea of Digital marketing. If you think this post is knowledgeable and clear your concepts. Let me know in comment section about your thoughts about my blog and also let me know topics you are interested to learn in digital marketing.

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