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Learn Secrets of Marketing

Want to increase your knowledge in Law of Marketing and Personal Branding? 

Marketing is a strong tool for increasing awareness of your product in the world and also generate revenue by selling your product as effectively as possible. That what we all think ?Right.. 

But you all get amazed to know Marketing is based on science and not on creativity.


This blog will give you clear idea about :

  • Fundamental laws of marketing
  • Why Communication skill is important during marketing? 
  •  What exactly the CATT Funnel is all about?
  • What is the difference in traditional marketing and Digital Marketing ? 
  • What personal branding is all about? 

This blog is useful for Businessman, Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Blogger, Freelancer, Students who want to build there career in Digital Marketing. So, Are you all Ready to learn all the important Concepts?

Marketing is not to be the no.1 but it is all about be only one. Marketing starts before creating the product. It starts with understanding the customer and customer needs so well that leads to create a product that fits them properly. Marketing is about sending the right message, to the right person, at the right time. 

For Example : We all know hand-of experience by the student is important while gaining some skill. Now I understand the need of customer and so I design a internship program for student which give them hands-on experience and similarly I will explain my program to the college students that will starts there career  just after internship. So I filter my target audience.

Marketing is not only about selling the product but also it is all about keeping all existing customer happy by communicating with them about quality of the product, by taking feedback from the customer about the product , by giving them platform where they can share there view with all other customer . So that they remain a customer for life.

In todays world no one trust another person so easily, so it is important to build the trust with customer via right marketing and properly communicating with them. The purpose of marketing is to build a brand and capture a position in the mind of the customer.

Marketing is a game of perception. Marketing is basically to understand the customer need so well that product should be design for him only  and so products will be sell itself. If the product has good quality and reached to the right person then automatically product will sell.

Word of mouth marketing is the best channel of marketing ever.”

Good marketing requires good communication skill. Good Communication skill does not means sophisticated English but it means that you should be able to transfer your thoughts effectively. To improve your communication skill think in English, write more and more, read English books and watch English movies or web series. It will definitely help you to increase your communication skill.

When it came to know about marketing it is also important to learn about Global Economics. Debt creates money. 

For Example: If you take a loan of 5 lakhs from the bank1 and deposit it in bank2, bank2 can loan that money again to another person x but amount will be less than 5 lakh. More debt in the economy=more cash(inflation). When people start repaying the debt the money supply shrinks. 

We live in the country with 100 billion people and out of these how much people are able to buy your products or services these is also one of the important factor while marketing. India has 10-15 million Amazon prime subscriber and 20-25 million Online Shoppers. You can target up to 30-50 million people for your products. You also use some filter criteria such as people having laptop/desktop , people with credit cards , people which have income more than 5 lakh per annum or people having car. It is very important to reach right customer for your products or services.

Another important terms come in mind during marketing is “Direct Response Marketing”.

What exactly it means?

Direct Response Marketing as the name itself suggest that people should take some action after getting aware about your product or service.

For Example : An ad in newspaper with a phone number to call , Blogger has written a blog and asking to write comment or to follow any specific page or subscribe for newsletter.

Most people who runs ads do not know if the ads are working or not. It will not give measurable results. Direct Response Marketing is the best option while you want to measure how effective ads you have.

There is secret which will help you all for doing effective marketing and help you to generate more and more outcome from your business.

You all are reading my blog up to this point means definitely you like what I have written uptil now and now eager to know the secret formula for effective marketing. This formula will definitely help you to grow your business more.

                              Wealth = n ^ CATT  

Confused?? Don’t worry..

Here we will deeply understand this formula in very simple manner..

So Boost your eager and lets start..

[n]Niche : Your Success and wealth depends on the niche you choose. Niche is the specific area for which you are designing your product.

[C]Content : Content should be useful to the people that will definitely attract people from your niche. Content should be clear and easily understandable by people, so that they get more clear and specific about your product. They compare there needs with your product and if it is suitable for them they will definitely take interest in your product as well as services. Content may be blog, post, videos, live webinars etc.

[A]Attention : Drive Attention to your Content using SEO, Social Media , Paid Ads and Referrals. Once people generate interest through your content they will definitely check your website or Social media accounts for reading more about your product and read  review given by other people. Attention is the step where you have to attract more and more traffic to your landing page.

[T]Trust : Build trust with your audience with trip wires, marketing automation and retargeting. Trust is most important step in marketing process. Market contains lots of options but why people should trust your product is the point that should be very very clear to the people. Once you build strong trust then people will be definitely turns to your customer. This  trust term is #masstrust.

[T]Transaction : Convert your leads into customers with natural sales method.

Traditional Marketing are basically done by TV advertisement and newspaper advertisement. But now-a-days Digital marketing is strongest tool for creating awareness about your product to people. People now-a-days are more interested in social media advertisement and so website are designed well mannered that people get clear knowledge of your product. On the landing page there must be next action to take by people which will help to be in touch with specific people who are interested in your product or services.

Email Marketing is also a tool to connect with customer  and getting more and more traffic to your website. Paid ads, SEO, Social media is also important to attract more traffic to website. You have to invest first but after more traffic are attracted automatically your leads convert into your customers if content on the website is strong enough to convince people and you have build strong trust by people on your brand.

The best known will always beat the best. People want to hear from other people not from brand. Personal Brand can neither be invested nor be sold. If your personal brand is strong enough, then it will give rise to many brands from his influence.

For Example : Elon Musk has a bigger following than Space X and Tesla.

You all will be eager to know how this personal brand evolved?

Personal Brand can be evolved by doing some simple steps:

  1. Learn : Learn new skills, concepts, Facts and procedures. Remember the facts and practice the procedures again and again.
  2. Work : Use your new skill in real world. Do Hands – on projects to get better remember the skill.
  3. Blog : Write about what you have learned and experienced. When you write anything it will fits in your mind permanently and you can start building your personal brand.
  4. Consult : Now you have learn fundamental concepts, have experienced and have your own blog, you can consult other business instead of working for them.
  5. Mentor : Mentor other who wants to gain knowledge like you. It will increase your understanding to a whole new level.
  6. Startup : Start your own product and use your knowledge of marketing for selling your product, skill to enhance your selling.

Up to this point, I think I have given you more and more secret tips for marketing and ideas to increase your business revenue. 

If you think this blog is helpful for you and you learn lots of things from this blog. Let me know in the comment section below and Sign up to the newsletter to stay tuned with my Latest blog post.

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